What Is the Best Time of Day for the Flight I’d like to Do?

There is no best time of the day for any tour any day of the year. Alaska weather changes frequently. You’ll have a fantastic flight, even if blue skies aren’t in the forecast, but we won’t fly if the conditions aren’t favorable for helicopter travel. On rare occasions, we have to call a weather day, and if that happens, we’ll gladly find another time slot for you after the weather clears. The best thing that you can do is leave some flexibility in your schedule. Reserve the time that works best in your trip, and leave some room in case we need to reschedule for later in the day, or a different date. If a weather day is called by our staff, and you have time later in your trip, we can get you the best tour possible. If we have to cancel your flight due to weather and you can’t reschedule, we’ll give you a full refund.