With everything from colors and guest lists to catering, there’s so much to plan for an engagement or wedding party. But while the food and music will only last a few hours, the memories – and the photos – will last a lifetime.

Engagement photos are an essential part of the wedding journey, with the ability to capture the romance and the energy of any couple as they embark on a lifetime of love together. For adventurous couples who love nature and spectacular scenery, it’s hard to beat Alaska engagement photos, as you’ll have a myriad of awe-inspiring backdrops to choose from.

As Alaska is by far the biggest state in the U.S. at over 586,000 square miles of land, with some of the most unspoiled wilderness you’ll find anywhere. With so many breathtaking choices, you’ll have a challenge narrowing down your options here, but that’s just part of the fun. Think everything from blue-tinged glaciers and pristine lakes to soaring mountains with snow-capped jagged peaks and wildflower-filled meadows.

On a Glacier

Glacier engagement photos may just be the most iconic Alaskan experience you could dream of. Imagine posing on top of a glacier, surrounded by some of the most striking natural beauty, including surreal blue waters and towering snow-dusted mountains. Or, maybe a massive glacier could simply serve as the backdrop.

Some of the best spots are accessed by helicopter where you’ll be far from the crowds in a place that feels like your very own magnificent world. Plus, the flight alone is an epic journey bringing the opportunity for some of the most incredible views of the landscape below before you two become the star of the show. It’s like stepping into your own real-life “Frozen” in a land of ice “castles.”

By a Lake

Alaska is home to many sparkling alpine lakes, including gems deep in the heart of the Chugach Mountains, like Iceberg Lake, where you can land on a sandy bench that was once below its water level. With the dazzling hue of the water and the vastness of the glaciers beyond, your Alaskan engagement photos are sure to be epic.

This is also a great place to spot bears, which are commonly seen here – can you imagine a bear photobomb? We’re not saying it will happen, but you never know.

In the Mountains

With you and your spouse-to-be upfront and center while mountains stretch endlessly beyond, some may question whether or not your Alaska engagement photos were photoshopped, but the Chugach Mountains are very real. They’re home to some of the most iconic peaks in southern Alaska, at 60 miles wide and 250 miles long. The sheer scale of the endless towering summits and dense forest is something you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Surrounded by Forests

A forest setting is ultra romantic with photoshoots here having an unmistakable magical feel as if you’ve entered a fairytale. Being surrounded by the greenery adds a sense of intimacy that seems to say, “This is true love.” Gorgeous lighting, beautiful colors – everything comes together in a forest.

At Sunrise or Sunset

No matter where you choose to have your Alaska engagement photos taken, at sunrise or sunset they’re sure to be even more enchanting with the colors splashed across an already stunning landscape. How about standing with the one you love in the middle of an endless blanket of white while the sun casts pink hues on the snow?

In a Field

Alaska is famous for its fifty shades of purple, the stunning hues of its famous lupine flowers that is. The plants mainly grow in the mountain fields and coastal hills, and there are dozens of other types of wildflowers too.

When contrasted against the warmth of green fields, a snowy mountain backdrop, and perhaps even the cool white and blue of glistening ice, your engagement photos will be popping with color.

Alaska Engagement Photos with Alpine Air

With the most beautiful and pristine areas not easily accessed on foot, one of the best ways to get the Alaskan engagement photos of your dreams is via Alpine Air. We’re the longest-running helicopter service in the Girdwood/Chugach Mountain region, with a reputation for unmatched customer service, an extensive safety record, and a wide network of experienced photographers!

Some of our recommended photographers and event planners include:

We know your time is precious. With so much to do ahead of your ceremony, it can seem almost overwhelming. Instead of spending hours and hours researching the top spots for your photos, how to get there, and the best photographers, simply contact Alpine Air and we’ll do everything we can to help make your perfect day a dream come true.

Glacier Elopement with Alpine Air Alaska.

Photo by Camille Jones / CamiLynn/Grace Photography

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