Wildlife, peace, and quiet, interrupted only by the high-pitched whistle of a bald eagle or the thunderous sound of a calving glacier. Alaska backcountry adventure tours can bring you to the remote wilderness areas of Alaska where you’ll find the true “Last Frontier,” with epic scenery and opportunities for everything from hikes through alpine tundra to walks across a pristine glacier. 

Words can never quite convey the grandeur of the 49th state, especially when farther afield and away from heavily touristed routes. Some of these places are wilder and more enchanting than the greatest superlatives can possibly describe. 

But these experiences are some of what you can expect as the secrets of the Last Frontier are unveiled when you embark on an adventure tour in the Alaska backcountry.

Glacier Calving

Alaska backcountry adventure tours can bring you close enough to a glistening, blue-tinged glacier to hear and possibly witness calving, which occurs when a chunk of ice breaks off and crashes into the water below. You’ve probably seen those iconic glacier images, but there’s nothing like experiencing this humbling sight and the incredible sounds in person. It can be enjoyed by taking a boat tour, or on an ice climbing and hiking glacier tour that starts with a helicopter ride to areas inaccessible by road. 

Another option is a flightseeing excursion in the breathtaking Chugach Mountains that includes a glacier landing. Soar over the ice, touch down, and explore while immersed in the Alaskan backcountry.

Northern Lights

The aurora season is fairly long in the Anchorage area, but you’ll need to head away from the city lights which is why Alaska backcountry adventure tours are ideal. The long days of June and July mean there won’t be enough hours of darkness to see the aurora, but you might be surprised to learn that the breathtaking light show can be seen as early as August. 

A multi-day tour in the Chugach Mountains where the lights tend to be brighter and more active is your best bet for checking the northern lights off your bucket list. Of course, it’s never guaranteed as multiple conditions will have to be met: you’ll obviously need to be outside at night (the best sightings typically occur between 11 p.m. and midnight), the sky must be cloud-free, and there must be aurora (geomagnetic) activity.

Wildlife Sightings

Alaska’s amazing wildlife is what draws so many to the state. The deeper into the backcountry you go, the greater the odds that you’ll enjoy many epic sightings! Moose are one of the most common animals here and can range from an 800-pound cow to a 1,600-pound bull with massive and majestic antlers. They’re the most-often viewed large mammal and are often spotted in river valleys and wetlands. 

In the Chugach Mountains alone, biologists have estimated that there are over 1,000 moose along with dozens of brown and black bears, thousands of Dall sheep, and numerous mountain goats, river otters, beavers, lynx, and foxes.

Unique and Beautiful Flora

The state’s unique and beautiful flora bring color to the already stunning landscapes at places like Eklutna Lake in the mountain wilderness of Chugach State Park. While on adventure tours in the Alaska backcountry, watch for wildflowers like bright pink to purple fireweed. In the higher elevations, you’ll see alpine forget-me-nots (the state’s flower which grows prolifically here), while wild geranium dominates the lower slopes.

Incredible Silence 

With noise almost impossible to avoid in today’s modern world, just being able to enjoy the peace and quiet with only the sounds of nature interrupting the silence makes it worth heading into Alaska’s backcountry. Walking through the woods with the leaves rustling in the wind, pausing to smell the scent of a flower or to watch an eagle fly overhead, this is silence in its purest form.

A Challenging Trail

An Alaska backcountry adventure tour can be a thrilling and rewarding experience that brings a sense of accomplishment, with the thrill of navigating a less-traveled path that few others have walked before.

You might hike through dense forest, alongside a river, and perhaps steady your balance as you cross fallen logs that create a natural bridge over a stream. Not only does it provide physical benefits, but mental benefits like boosting self-confidence and even eliciting a more positive outlook on life. At the end of it all, you’re likely to feel more capable and ready to take on just about anything the world might throw at you.

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