5 Reasons to Go Dog Sledding on a Glacier During Your Trip to Alaska

June 30, 2023

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Dog sledding on a glacier in Alaska is a magical experience, gliding across pristine snow on a sled where the only sounds you’ll hear are the dogs’ breathing and the rhythmic pitter-patter of their paws. You might also pick up a few dog mushing phrases as your expert guide communicates with the pack, all while surrounded by breathtaking beauty. 

The thrill of speeding across frozen land pulled by powerful canines is truly sublime, and one of the best ways to see Alaska. This family-friendly activity is suitable for all ages and only requires a moderate amount of activity.  After a 100-yard walk across the snow, you’ll only need to hold on tight to the dogsled while the mushing team takes off running.

While you’ll find plenty of opportunities in the winter for a ride through a snowy wonderland, enjoying the experience on a glacier is possible year-round and it’s likely to be an even more unforgettable adventure. Here are a few reasons why you definitely want to add “glacier dog sledding” to your Alaska vacation bucket list.

1. It’s a Genuine Alaskan Experience

If you want to enjoy a genuine Alaskan experience, dog sledding on a glacier is one of the most authentic “real” things you can do while visiting the state. Mushing is an essential aspect of Alaskan culture – it’s a popular sport across the state, and it’s even still used by indigenous communities for transportation.

There are few places in the country where you can truly get away from civilization and see nature in its untouched state with no signs of human habitation. Stepping onto the glistening ice field and breathing that pure, fresh, crisp air is unlike anything else. Followed up with dog sledding, it’s sure to be a highlight of your trip.

2. You Can Spend Time with the Dogs

Once you’re on the ice field, you’ll be welcomed by the mushers and the team of beautiful, friendly Alaskan huskies. Meet and cuddle up with the next generation, too – the puppies are ridiculously adorable! 

Before the dogs are hooked up to the sled, you can take time to get to know them. These strong and intelligent canines tend to have a calming effect. Just hanging out and building a connection with the team can make you feel happier. 

The dogs enjoy it, too! Even though they are working dogs, they still crave affection and love to play–and these things are important for their health, too. Watching them playfully tumbling around and then witnessing their excitement as they become aware that it’s almost time for the run provides great photo-ops and memories of a lifetime.

3. You’ll Get Gorgeous Photo Opportunities

Speaking of photo-ops, dog sledding on a glacier in Alaska isn’t just for capturing photos of the cute puppies and the experienced sled dogs. You’ll also be awed by the breathtaking scenery and stunning backdrops for your photos! 

To get to that remote glacier, you’ll ride in a helicopter, enjoying a bird’s-eye view of the endless white-blanketed landscapes and snow-covered mountain peaks along the way. Wildlife can sometimes be seen below – your pilot has eagle eyes for spotting it. This is a great time for a telephoto lens, although even an iPhone can capture fabulous photos from high above the magnificent terrain. 

4. It’s Available in the Summer

As mentioned at the start, dog sledding on a glacier in Alaska is available year-round, as it’s possible to reach remote glaciers by helicopter. In other words, there’s no need to come in the winter – you can incorporate it into your summer vacation plans. You’ll be able to take advantage of the wide range of warmer weather activities like whale watching boat tours, hiking, kayaking, and authentic dog sledding. 

While there are opportunities for summer dog sledding with wheels, it’s nothing like the real thing on the snow. Most summer dog sledding options are located at sea level with no snow around, so the dogs will pull you along a dirt trail. 

At Alpine Air Alaska, our summer dog sledding tours take you up to a glacier with year-round snow. 

5. It’s Truly the Adventure of a Lifetime

For an extraordinary glacier dog sledding experience that’s sure to be an adventure of a lifetime, it’s essential to book with an outfitter that’s been around long enough to have an outstanding reputation when it comes to safety, quality, and customer care. 

Alpine Air has been around for over three decades, longer than any other helicopter operator in Southcentral Alaska. Of course, those high-elevation ice fields can be chilly, but don’t worry – Alpine Air will outfit you with glacier boots and water-resistant outer layers.

Operating a variety of award-winning tours, including summer dog sledding trips accessed by helicopter, Alpine Air provides a safe and comfortable ride departing from the mountain town of Girdwood, less than a 50-minute drive from Anchorage. Contact us today to learn more and book your next a